Sesiunea anuala a Institutului de Arheologie “Vasile Parvan” al Academiei Romane

In zilele de 19-21 martie 2014 va avea loc Sesiunea anuala a Institutului de Arheologie “Vasile Parvan” al Academiei Romane. Lucrarile se vor desfasura la sediul Institutului  din str. Henri Coandă, nr. 11 (Casa Macca). Mai multe detalii in documentul atasat:Invitatie sesiune 2014

E. Petac, A. Vîlcu, The Lysimachus type Gold mintage from Odessos, Istros, 19, 2013, p. 297-326

Abstract:  Despite  the  abscence  of  the  epigraphically  or  literary evidence concerning the involvement of Odessos in the events from the middle of the IIIrd century BC, by far the greatest number of posthumous Lysimachus type staters from the Western Black Sea Greek cities, before the  appearance  of  the  trident  series  in  Byzantion,  belongs  to  this  city. There are 12 issues struck with nine obverse and 12 reverse dies, having or not spear on goddess shoulder, as happens also in Mesambria, Tomis, Byzantion.  All  these  gold  issues,  involving  four  mint  masters  (KOI, KOIP,  ΚΛΕΑΝ  and  probably  KA)  seem  to  be  struck  in  just  few  years, before the beginning of the third Syrian war until the battle of Andros.petac_vilcu_stateri_lysimach_odessos