Aurel Vilcu, Emanuel Petac / The Second Syrian War and Gold Staters of Alexander Type struck at Istros, American Journal of Numismatics, 24, 2012

Abstract: In re-examining the entire series of Alexander-type staters from Istros (Price 961–969) we note that several control varieties still await confirmation (Price 961, with IΣ, and 962 with IΣ and ΔI). Recently, Price 963 which shares its obverse die with Price 965, was identified as an issue of a Seleucid mint; Price 964 belongs to the same group with 965; Price 966 (IΣ and M) has been confirmed by a recent public auction; Price 969 ( E  in wreath) is a misreading of Price 968 (IΣ in wreath). In light of this review, there are now only three groups of staters that should be associated with Istros: Group 1, composed of Price 964–965; Group 2, composed of Price 966–987? (IΣ with M or M monogram ?), which shares its obverse die with the first group; and Group 3, composed of Price 961 and 968–969, ( IΣ in wreath). Because of the die linkage and the representation of these three varieties in the Anadol hoard, it seems unlikely that they were struck over the course of the 25 years between 250 and 225 bc. Instead, it is suggested that the staters were struck over only a few years in the mid-third century BC, during the Second Syrian War. AJN 24 Vilcu and Petac

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